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Now the Sirens have a still more fatal weapon than their song, namely their silence. And though admittedly such a thing has never happened, still it is conceivable that someone might possibly have escaped from their singing; but from their silence certainly never.
F.Kafka "The Silence of the Sirens"


Losing Game

Who will take your dreams away
will be cloaked, a handsome man
lonely, lost in pain...

He only looks for other days
lonely souls, dreadfull grays
Shadows, ruins of past decay...

He'll remind you of the past
lustfull days, flesh and dreams
stirred with hate!
I'm so afraid to stay...

Wave your wand Mystery Man
call your demons far away!
Don't forget, you have to take
the last piece of my heart...

And now you've done your beautifull job,
Please don't stop grieving my soul,
It just for once became yours...