This blog is about "Sunkmanitutanka Nagi". I hope he will see.

Now the Sirens have a still more fatal weapon than their song, namely their silence. And though admittedly such a thing has never happened, still it is conceivable that someone might possibly have escaped from their singing; but from their silence certainly never.
F.Kafka "The Silence of the Sirens"


From Wishes to Eternity -The Rain!

Step by Step
we walk alone
on our Land...
A rainy cloud above
-whether to rain or not-
still keeps our signs
not to forget!

Side by Side
your kissing hurts
Enormous howls
-there starts the rain!
Covered in gray skin
colored by each thought
of our beautiful couple...

Wherever it goes
everyone's wondering
"why are they still happy"
after so many years of disguise...
The quote lies here
beneath their breath
"from wishes to eternity"-he said!

Long terms of waiting
worthless tissues drowned in tears
recycled for anyone to use
Traveller, wait over here!
and listen to her story...

"A girl with height-fears
climbed the stairs wet by tears
Dizzy as she was
drowned by thoughts
decided not to die alone!

So she wondered which to choose
yellow fields or skies blue?
Her choice would be tough
needed to be rough
the girl never denied
for what she tried!

Who I am you'll never know
until you play the role...
Take you hat and walk alone
till I'll come and wave my soul!

In the fields you'll find my soul
by the skies my pieces flow
chase the wind, just hold my hand...
Take your knife -threaten the world!

And so he did, answered or not
still lies under the storm
his breath, blood and tears..."

The rain stopped
her heart lying warm
surrounded by cold corpse
still beating, though!
She was the grey one
who died alone...
He was the loved!


When you remember who I am just call...

My ghost is out again
sleevless wondering on Earth...
Who are you?
Who am I to cross the World?

A girl who lies
believes her dreams and cross the skies...
Into shadows I do ride
and wait for long time...

Where has my lover gone?
Near the ghost shall I lay
plant a tree for just to grow
Cover my grave with your shadow
and let me pray for your heart...

There was a dream
that once was mine...
Mixed up with words
that liked to hide
Why has my lover gone?
When he'll remember I will be lost
next to the branches all will be gone..